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    Important notice!
    This release is not a new album from AES Dana, but a Sample Library hosted in a deluxe USB Key resting in a metal box.

    Ultimae presents AETHERS 01 – the first volume of Audio Samples Library designed by Vincent Villuis aka AES DANA, a collection dedicated to all electronic music producers, Ambient and related musical genres. AETHERS 01 provides a large array of sound design, covering the full spectrum of deep hypnotic pads and drones which are an essential component of the Ambient aesthetic. The samples are properly looped and key parameters included for an easier use; .wav loops and one-shots, ready to be hosted / tweaked into any music software / DAW. These numerous audio elements are perfect to add layers of depth to your compositions.

    Genres: Ambient, Downtempo, IDM, Cinematic, Electronica, Drone, Space Music, Field recordings, Post Rock.
    Formats: Wav, Kontakt, EXS24
    Size: 2,77Gb / 360 samples 24 bits

    AETHERS 01 contains wide angle soundscapes, complex atmospheric pads, deep drum elements and emotive field recordings. This bighearted Audio Samples collection took one year to be released and can be the perfect Ambient Tools Box for any electronic producer, but also useable across a diversity of musical genres like Post-Rock, Shoegaze, Doom metal...

    AETHERS 01 weighs in at 2,77GB and includes 360 24 Bit samples.
    Also included are ready to play patches for Kontakt & EXS24 (Logic Audio) soft samplers.

    In detail you can expect:
    71 Atmospheres (total timing: 60 minutes)
    - 11 Ambient things
    - 29 Ethereal Atmospheres
    - 23 Interferences

    84 Atmospheric Loops (total timing: 42 minutes)
    - 26 Dark & Deep Loops
    - 24 Drone loops
    - 34 Ethereal Loops

    105 Drum Elements
    - 7 Claps
    - 24 Clicks
    - 16 HiHats
    - 22 Kicks
    - 28 Drum Noises
    - 8 Snares

    50 Drum Loops (total timing: 13 minutes)

    50 Field recordings (total timing: 72 minutes)
    ... more
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AETHERS 01 allows you to create immersive soundscapes, hypnotic backgrounds and intense drum structures. Feel free to slice and filter this material. Thousands of variations are there waiting for your imagination.

The distinct sonic universe of AES DANA fuses peaceful introspective Ambient mood with industrial sounds; combining electronica glitchy beats with aleatory programming, blurring synths in unconventional processing, it results haunted harmonics, far away perceptions and undefined landscapes, glittering ethereal pads, immersive drones, cyclic atmospheres, cinematic textures.

Sounds were created with Plectrum Vital Arts, Nord Rack 2 Nordlead, Blofeld Waldorf, A3000 Yamaha, Battery 5, Razor, Kontakt & Skanner NI, TC Electronic Powercore 6000 Unit and some secret tools.

The drum section provides intense IDM loops fusing crunchy grains with irregular clicks and more than 100 unique one-shot elements: loud kicks, crispy snares, dirty crystal Hi Hats, undefined short noises, consequences of insolent routings.

AETHERS 01 also offers 50 long emotional field recordings captured by Vincent Villuis with his Nagra Technology recorder & NT4 Rode. Live clips from all over the world, rumours from New Delhi, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Paris, Saint-Malo, Chicago, London... Some audio bugs were left intentionally to keep the authenticity. Most of them are looped, creating an immersive and cyclic feeling.


released January 14, 2014

Collection composed and engineered by Vincent Villuis.
Audio mastering at Ultimae Studio
Kontakt & Logic Audio patches programmed by Arnaud Galoppe / F:ocal
Demo song "Cluster" written & produced by Magnus Birgersson / Solar Fields ( /



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